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  • Type : Highline.
  • Nickname : Alone.
  • Place : Reunion Island, Cilaos, Waterfall of Bras Rouge.
  • Length : 32m
  • Hight : 50m
  • GPS (line): -21.128939, 55.455550
  • GPS (LB anchors): -21.128959, 55.455565
  • GPS (RB anchors): -21.129030, 55.455353
  • LB side access : MEDIUM
  • RB side access : EASY
  • Outward hiking : EASY; 00h45; 2km; 300m
  • IGN Map at 25000th 4405RT Saint Denis.
  • 4 bolts Inox (master point).
  • 2 belays and 2 spits (general backup).
  • Period: All year.


Here is a line that directly place you in the atmosphere with its beautiful waterfall and its 50m high!
The ideal is to go on 2 days, the site is 45 minutes walk, and is perfect for camping.
The nickname is a melange of emotions once on the line and also the fact that it was equipped “Alone”.
The line does exactly 30m, it’s easy to remember and it’s especially the ideal distance for beginners.
For the site itself, this one is excellent for camping with his little place to make a fire (be careful to clean before!).
The waterfall is beautiful, go there after a rainy event if you want a big water flow like the pictures. We can easily see below, the remains of the cliff fell after the cyclone.

Site access

Go to Cilaos by the weel known R2 and its 400 turns.
Cross the Cilaos city by the D241 (was the R2), then pass the Church. Once pass the church and about 100m further away, take direction « Ilet à Cordes » by the D242.
After a descent of tight bends, drive to see (several hundred meters) the start of the hiking on the left (signposted by a marker).
A car park (small area) is present.
After 45 minutes walk, the waterfall will be on the left once arrived.

Anchors access

Tension ans equalization

  • Tension RB side with double pulleys, lashing or equivalent.
  • Equalization with, 3m (force) and 4m (backup) of rope RB side, as well as with 22m (force) and 10m (backup) of rope LB  side.


  • Avoid unpleasant surprises, do not leave anything visible in your car.
  • 10m of rope is ample for the different access!
  • Be carefull : if you make a fire, beware of Filaos (trees).
  • Backup your line!
  • Do not cut anything, keep the site natural.
  • Take care of the place, do not let your waste!
  • If you have a hammock, take a metal rod (10x120mm) to put in the new hole made especially for this, in the bivouac place.